Fitch Fuel Catalyst - Permanent Fuel Treatment

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Transforms Fuel for Maximum Performance!

Drop-In or Bolt-On In Line Fuel Treatment

  • Automotive!
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Fitch Fuel Catalyst for Improved Fuel Performance

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst transforms gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil into a superior fuel, allowing a combustion engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. Get more Performance for less: less money, less pollution and less maintenance.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented poly metallic alloy that reformulates and resuscitates fuel molecules of gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst reaction supplements the process that takes place at the refinery. As a refinery uses heat and pressure to "crack" or refine the fuel, the Fitch Catalyst "re-refining" process takes place on board a machine, at ambient temperature. As fuel passes over the catalyst media, several subtle but important reactions occur changing the structure of molecules to a state that allows for a more thorough combustion.

An engine operates most efficiently and produces maximum horsepower and torque when it is running on the highest quality fuel. Gasoline and diesel is at its most optimal quality when it is first refined but unfortunately during storage and transportation, the fuel quality drastically diminishes. Sacrificed horsepower, torque and efficiency may be the result of this poorer fuel quality. A less than optimal fuel will also produce more emissions, soot build up, and deposits in engine oil and injectors. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst will boost octane in gasoline, increase cetane in diesel and re-refine the fuel quality, returning it to a superior "refinery" fresh state guaranteeing maximum performance and efficiency from the engine. Unlike additives that require replenishing, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst is warranted for 250,000 miles and does not dissolve or loose its potency.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst simply improves fuel quality and all engines will experience the benefits:

  • Increased Fuel Economy (averages 1 – 2.5 mpg)
  • Improved Horsepower & Torque
  • Improved Octane in Gasoline
  • Improved Cetane & Lubricity in Diesel Fuel
  • Reduced Emissions & Soot Build Up
  • Extended Engine Longevity
  • Reduced Overall Engine Maintenance
  • Permanently stabilizes fuel (drop ins)

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst can be easily installed in the fuel line much like a fuel filter, or directly into the fuel tank and is warranted for 250,000 miles or 5,000 operating hours. The correct model unit is determined by the displacement of the engine or the size of the fuel tank.

















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